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Adventures Continue in August

Here we are. Two weeks into August and it’s been a very eventful month.

The last weekend in July, Colette and I went to Knoxville for the 2nd annual tax free shopping trip at the outlets in Sevierville. Mom watched the kids while my sister and sister-in-law hit the road around 8am Saturday. It’s not really what most people would consider a shopping trip. We get there right when the doors open, we hit Gap and Old Navy (and a couple other stores for specialty items..) and then we’re home by noon. I didn’t even spend a million dollars. Mostly because I’m the size of a barn and nothing really fits. I did buy 2 pairs of stretchy lounge pants and some very large t-shirts. Oh.. and I guess I got some things for the rest of the family too.  🙂

The next weekend we were back in Knoxville, with Cory this time. My family threw us a Baby Sprinkle that Saturday. It was quite beautiful and I’m completely ashamed to say I forgot my camera. There were clouds and raindrops everywhere. (This is also what we’re decorating Rosalie’s room with.. you know, once she has a room.) And delicious food and bundtinis. And, most importantly, the best of my friends and family. We ate, we marveled over diapers and the kids, we ate more, and then it was over.

As for matters of the house, I’m disappointed to say the guy I talked about in the previous post didn’t make an offer. Mainly because he didn’t get a chance to. :-O
Friday, the 5th, I got a call at 9am from our realty scheduling company that someone wanted to come see the house at 10am. I LOL’ed. Right, like I can get the house cleaned and ready to go in an hour. Cory called them back and said no to that, but they could come back after 6pm or anytime over the weekend since we were leaving for Knoxville anyway. I spent the rest of the day working, washing the dogs, packing and cleaning house. By the end of the day I was very frazzled and irritable. I didn’t wipe down the appliances (read: sticky toddler handprints everywhere), forgot my camera and probably some other things I can’t remember, not that they actually mattered.
Shortly after we arrived in Knoxville, we got the call that the people who came to see the house wanted to buy it. WHAT?! Next thing I know, it’s Saturday at 8am and we’re signing a contract. The contract is contingent on the buyer selling their home which is currently already under contract and set to close on the 19th. We had a home inspection Wednesday. Details of that come through yesterday afternoon and everything was pretty much as expected. We have some electrical work that has to be completed (hopefully Friday) and some foundation things in the apartment. We haven’t heard back from the buyers on what they would officially like us to complete, but word is, those were the two main things. Oh and a pan under something or other in one of the back bedrooms. House appraisal was today. Should hear back about that in 2-3 business days.

So now we’re in a packing and moving limbo. Do we go ahead and pack everything up right now? What if it falls through? At what point do we officially need to find a house to rent? How are all these things going to get done when I don’t have any desire to do them? Our closing date is like 2.5 weeks away. Let’s add on that I’m in the middle of training a backup for my job when I go out on maternity leave, and lo and behold she is “released from the account” effective Friday. Ugh. Hours of training down the tube and now to start all over with someone else. Did I mention I’m already almost 33 weeks along in the baby baking department?


Also, I just want to point out how terrible looking for a place to rent is.


  • Clean (If it didn’t have roaches on the counter… that’d be a great start)
  • 3 Bedroom
  • Fenced yard
  • Allows pets (large dog)

It’s impossible unless we want to spend a million dollars a month which we certainly can’t afford. I’ve looked at every single rental property on Craigslist, local property management sites, Hotpads, Zillow, Trulia, etc. etc. etc. Clean is the hardest to find. Allows large dogs is the second hardest to find.

Alas. I’ll just keep looking until my head explodes!

Six Months on the Market

We put our house on the market in December. A steady stream of people popped in for a look the first month or so, but then the interest slowly meandered away. We actually had a couple of last minute calls for a same day showing in the last few weeks, but, being pregnant, having a toddler, and two dogs, it’s incredibly difficult to get the house picked up and ready to show in such a short amount of time. Not to mention we just had a yard sale.

However, I’m slowly but surely getting the house to a point where people can come back again. We had a new roof put on in May, had the flooring in the apartment replaced, exterior walls have been pressure washed, and we intend to get the landscaping around the front of the house in better shape this coming weekend. Okay, I say “we” but really it will likely be Cory and his mom while I watch Colette and help where I can. I’ll be honest, bending and squatting is getting harder by the day. And also breathing.

Oh and hopefully we’ll have a painter out this weekend to clean up the front porch! Exciting.

In addition to all the work that’s been put into the house, we also just lowered the price of the house quite a bit. We’re just ready to let it go.

It’s bittersweet to think about the day we actually sell. Bitter, because 30 years of memories have been built into these walls. I can’t claim all of them since I’ve only been around for about 10, but that’s still a solid 200GB SD card full of memories. Bitter, because the options for where were live in the interim of selling and building will be tight. But super sweet knowing that the house we finally build will be simply our own. It will be built to suit our needs as a growing, busy family and reflect our personal styles.

Also, for anyone wondering, looking for good land to build on in a specific area is also terrible. Everyday (okay, weekly) I get on and browse the plots that have been listed. It’s mostly the same listing every time with a new one every now and then. There are a few listings that I’ve breezed by every time they come up for being a little out of our price range. I finally decided to click on them a couple days ago. After dinner that night we made the trek out to see them. Of course, they’re beautiful. Up on the mountain. There’s a 2.5 mile private nature/horse trail. And it’s roughly the same distance from downtown (read: civilization) as our house is now. I think the biggest deterrent is the price, but it’s not an incredibly overpriced 5.4 acre lot and it’s been on the market for 270 days which could potentially work in our favor.

I guess all this was to say, someone out there needs to come buy our house now. I’ve got things to build up on a mountain.