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The Scheduled Induction

Day 297 of pregnancy and no sign of going into labor. (Currently 41 weeks + 4 days) I’m still dilated the same amount (2cm) I was at the beginning of September when my blood pressure went haywire. Rosalie just has no desire to leave the womb. Unfortunately for us both my OB wanted us to schedule an induction. When we were in the exam room she made it sound like we would still be waiting until the weekend when I was officially 42 weeks. When we got into the scheduling room with the slightly not so cheerful scheduler, I was given the option of basically going in last night or at 2am Wednesday morning. I’m still a little baffled how we went from weekend to ‘in the next 2 days.’

And here we are on the eve of an induction and I can feel the stress coursing through me. I know they tell you that you have to be understanding that things don’t always go as planned especially with a birth, but I’m feeling just a little out of my element. I was for sure the biggest complication going into this one would be pain management as I would be attempting the whole natural thing for the second time. Now my biggest concern is, well, everything. Considering the last birth took so long, and this one clearly isn’t in a hurry, I worry that even with the meds (that I so wanted to avoid) won’t work at the speed I’m told they should and I’ll get stressed out and the baby will get stressed out and then at the end I’ll end up with a cesarean. I also worry because I have no idea what to expect. The information we were given as we were walking out the door of our 5 minute appointment was “so you’ll check in downstairs and they’ll bring you up and start you on pitocin.” It wasn’t a discussion, it was an instruction.

After we left the office, I spent a lot of time looking into induction processes. Different types of medication, their pros, their complications, different birth stories in similar situations. Everything. The last thing I want to be when I go into the hospital in a few short hours is uneducated or misinformed. I’m generally a planner. I make spreadsheets to go to Disney World. But my ‘birth plan’ is (or was…) a far cry from that. (As little intervention and exams as possible, delayed cord clamping and eye ointment.. boom, birth plan.)

And yes, I know people have c-sections and inductions all the time every day and that’s great for them. I have utmost respect for anyone’s decision to do the birthing thing however they want. It just isn’t something I wanted for myself.

So, amidst the stress, my goal for the day is to try and get my mind off of it. I’m going to take Colette to see Storks (appropriate, right?) in a little bit then grab some lunch. After that will be a good time to take a nap and get ducks in a row, then make dinner. It’s eggplant parm. It’s my last attempt at getting the ball rolling without intervention. After all,  2 trips to the hospital, a hayride, so much walking, the anniversary of Cory and I getting engaged, and a full super moon couldn’t bring it on…. maybe the eggplant will.

**Side note since I wrote most of this before we left for the morning… Storks was cute and Colette enjoyed it. (Her exact words when I asked if she liked it were, “Yeah! It was different!” So I think that means she liked it…) Lunch was the usual Chickfila, and now Coco is resting peacefully and I will likely try to do the same for a minute.

And here’s some pictures of Colette as an only child over the last few weeks.

dsc_3412 dsc_3421 dsc_3488 dsc_3502 dsc_3532 dsc_3535 dsc_3566 dsc_3585

And then we bought a house.

Last Saturday morning I woke up with every intention of building a house on the mountain in Soddy and making this rental house our home for the next 11 months.

Last Monday, we officially accepted a(counter) offer to buy a house already built in the land of civilization.


That’s right. In just under 5 weeks we are set to close on a new house. Meaning we have to move all our stuff again much sooner than we anticipated. I don’t think we’ll have a lot of volunteers to help us out after how awful the last move was, but since almost everything is still in boxes, we’re very likely to pay and have some one come move it for us.

The house we chose checks almost everything off the list I was compiling for the house we planned to build. The two main things missing were one level living and a separate office space. But it’s hard to argue with two small things when all the other things are already there. (Free standing tub, master on main level, 3 bedroom + bonus room, good sized kitchen with gas drop-in range, lots of light, decent yard for the dogs and kids..etc. OH! And pretty much everything is already painted gray 😉 ) The other good things include a great location that makes it easy to get Colette to school and Cory to work, a good neighborhood for Colette and Rosalie to possibly have playmates, as well as a community pool that we don’t have to maintain.

Of course, everything could still go wrong and we end up not getting the house for some reason. But at the moment the offer is accepted and the lender has our entire life in financial documents and underwriting is currently happening.

My brain is having a hard time settling in one place these days. From impending baby, moving and packing (again), birth, new furniture, selling furniture we don’t want to take with us, birth again, having a newborn, moving with a newborn, window treatments… the list goes on and on and generally recirculates back to birthing a child and having a newborn during all of this.

Occasionally I can catch it and remind myself that we can take our time. It lasts for about 30 minutes and then I remember that settling in slowly isn’t in my blood. I want everything put away as quickly as possible so I can get back to a routine.

Well, now I’m exhausted and it’s only 10:45 am.

I’ve pretty much transitioned all my tasks at work, so things are going slowly there. I feel like I’m just monitoring my email in the event something crazy happens. It’s nice to have the time to just kind of sit down and take it easy though. (Even though sitting in a chair is quite uncomfortable these days.)

I believe I’m just ready to get this baby show on the road. I don’t think Rosalie shares the same sentiments. Sometimes I’m certain she’s going to claw her way out at any second, but most of the time I think she wants to be just like Colette and wait 9 days post-due date to make an arrival.

Rosalie… Another week is fine. After that I’m sending an eviction notice.

Back to Better

I’m happy to report that things have been much better this past week.

In my follow up doctors appointment on the 8th, everything was going back to normal. My blood work came back just fine and my blood pressure was down to an almost normal rate. In my next appointment which was this past Tuesday, my blood pressure as normal as it ever was. Thank goodness. One less thing to worry about. I was told I should still be taking it easy, but I’m still not sure I know what that means. I did spend a couple of days in bed while working.. that counts right? I will say it is amazing how very little I can do these days without feeling compleeeeteely exhausted.

Cory is doing well, too. He had an appointment to remove his drain and then a follow up a few days later. Both appointments went really well. Now he just has to heal 🙂

Oh and sweet little Max is back to his Maxy-self. His little eyes were droopy for a few days, but now he’s back to being my 100lb puppy. I’ll probably take him back to the vet on Monday to get his stitches removed and ask about some anxiety medication for upcoming stressful situations…like.. bringing home Rosalie.

Colette started school last week and her teacher told me on Monday that she was very smart, a joy, and a natural leader. Well those sound like great things to me! I get a little sad when I drop her off though. The second she walks through the classroom door, I cease to exist. If I haven’t gotten my hugs and kisses goodbye before then, that’s too bad. :'(  But I’m so happy it’s not the opposite. I love that she can walk in and be confident.

Tomorrow I will officially be full term. 37 weeks. Baby Rosalie can officially arrive any time between tomorrow and 5 weeks from now. I’m hoping she doesn’t wait the 5 weeks like Colette did, but I could certainly use a few more weeks to prepare (..clean and organize the house…). I’ve only gained 21 pounds but it feels more like a million, especially when factoring in the pelvic issues.

At 37 weeks with Colette, I was packing my hospital bag, according to my other blog. I’m doing the same now. I have a few more things to get, but it’s basically the same set up as last time.

  • Chapstick
  • Stretchy pants
  • Nursing tanks
  • Toothbrush
  • Grippy socks
  • Robe
  • Camera
  • Phone charger
  • Stuff for Cory and his uncomfortable couch bed
  • Big sister gift for Colette

We put together the stroller and crib (Babyletto Hudson Crib in Grey) and installed the carseat (UPPAbaby Mesa) over the past few days. The stroller (UPPAbaby Vista in Pascal) is about the size of our current living room. I love it and want to ride in it myself.

uppababy-vista-2015-stroller-pascal-grey-carbon-57 uppababy-mesa-infant-car-seat-pascal-grey-19 81gn22qd2l-_sl1500_

I’ve also been getting out Colette’s old things (the swing, rocker, etc..) and washing them in preparation. Those were things that definitely made life easier in the first months with Coco. (And I didn’t realize just how not clean they were when I put them away. Yuck.)

I think that’s about it for now. Please feel free to bring me some waffle fries.


A Series of Unfortunate Events

I’m pretty sure I’ve used this title before. Perhaps on the previous baby blog. I think this update will deserve it more than whatever was on that post though. I’m not even sure where to begin.

Okay that’s silly, I’ll just start at the beginning and work my way to the end. Because, logic.

Brace yourself… this is a long one.

Week before last (week of the 22nd) it became apparent that our house was going to close, and it was going to close on time (Aug. 31). Some things went wrong, we ended up having to completely rip up the floor in the apartment and a few other little things, but everything that needed to be fixed was getting done.

We went to see a couple of houses on Thursday the 25th, and decided on one and filled out our applications the next day. So that was one thing off the list. At least we would have somewhere to go.

I had to leave on Friday evening to go to Atlanta and help out my dad photographing a wedding. It went pretty well. I made it through part of the reception before everything was achy and I had to get off my feet. I left bright and early Sunday morning because I knew there was a mountain of work to be done at the house.

Let the packing games begin. All the packing. Monday (the 29th) I came over to the new rental house to vacuum and clean the bathrooms. If you know me well, you know I have a bit of a bathroom phobia. So cleaning the bathrooms included filling the tubs with water and bleach solution and leaving them to soak. After that, I went back to the other house. We had a ton of people helping pack and load and move things. All of those people deserve medals and a million dollars. Seriously. Also, while packing, one of our helpers noticed our weimaraner, Max, had a puffy ear. Excellent.

Tuesday I called the vet first thing. They scheduled us for a visit for Thursday the 1st. Then we had an OB appointment. It was an ultrasound so we took Colette with us, then had her nanny pick her up and take her to the local children’s museum to keep her out of the packing madness for the rest of the day. While we were out, we stopped by and picked up the new carseat for Rosalie and decided to drop it off at the rental to get it out of the way. The first thing I noticed when I walked in was the “drip…drip…drip…..” The kitchen floor was covered in water and the ceiling looked like someone was blowing bubbles in it. Perfect. Then I ran upstairs to check the tubs, and of course, one whole tub was empty.

We called the land lady. No answer. We cleaned up as much water as we could and put down some buckets in the drip spots. She did finally call us back and a plumber would be out later that day. It was taken care of much more quickly than I thought it would be and our crisis seemed to dissipate.

Packing and packing and moving and moving continued. My mom came down to help as well. I think everyone just about killed themselves trying to help. Luckily the people buying our house gave us all of our closing day to finish loading everything up.

Wednesday arrived and closing came and went. We met the new owners of our home, one of which had never even set foot on the property. Whaaat?! Well, alright then. After closing, we headed back to the house and finished our the last of everything. We took a few pictures and said goodbye to the house my husband grew up in. 30 years of memories. I pulled the flag up from the mailbox and cried the whole way back to the rental.


The rest of the night was rough too. The dogs were crazy, everything was a mess, and I was stressed out to the max.

And then there was Thursday. I can’t even believe it was five days ago. I was on my usual Thursday morning conference call. Cory was roaming around getting ready for work. My mom was working in the kitchen. Cory’s mom and her friend were working upstairs. Colette was hanging out with her nanny. The next thing I know, Cory comes though the door, pale as a ghost, hands covered in blood. Panic. Pants and shoes also covered in blood.

I won’t go into a lot of detail here for the internet, but it wasn’t a good injury. Screws from a cheap Walmart shelf were involved. We weren’t sure at first what to do. After I got a good look at the wound, I decided we, at the very least, needed to go to urgent care. So there we went. We got there and wanted to make sure they could even handle the situation.. a few minutes later they come out and basically say, “Nah, bro. Go to the ER.” So across the street we went. When we walked in, we were surprised to see that Cory’s mom’s man was already in the waiting room. (He was by far one of our biggest helpers and still continues to be.) Turns out his son had an issue that needed medical attention as well. One big happy family in the ER. Just kidding. No one was really happy. So they took Cory back and after a little while I left to pick some things up from Walmart. Someone finally came to his room and the next thing I know, Cory is calling me and telling me he has to have surgery. I checked out and headed right back to the hospital. We had to wait around another hour or so before the surgeon came by. He explained everything he was going to do and then Cory was sent back to get prepped. It wasn’t a terribly long wait after they took him into surgery, maybe a little over an hour. The surgeon came out to get me when Cory was in recovery and basically told me he was the luckiest man in town. However, as lucky as he was, he was still going to be in the hospital until AT LEAST Saturday. By that point, I’m pretty sure my brain was just mush. I was told to go home and take care of business, then I could come back and see him after he was out of recovery.

Shock continued. I still had to take Max to the vet. So I went home and did that. They gave me the last appointment of the day, so in the event Max needed surgery, he could just stay over night. I also opted to let him stay through the weekend to relieve some of the stress at home. (He had a large hematoma on his ear.. it had to be drained and stitched up with 6 millions stitches.)

From there I went back to the house and picked up Colette and went back to the hospital to see Cory. As terrible as the situation was, he was still able to have a sense of humor about it. I think without that humor we would have completely crumbled this last week.

My mom stayed til Saturday. She and Cory’s mom worked tirelessly putting things together and making the rental more livable. Saturday afternoon, Cory was finally released. We ordered pizza, watched football, and a movie with Colette. Sunday, it was my intention to not really do anything, but alas, I did try and get some of the things that were just lying around in the floor put away. I also put the pack n play together so Rosalie would actually have somewhere to sleep.

When I woke up on Monday, I felt like I had been riding the Gravitron for a long period of time. It mostly passed, but I felt pretty so-so the rest of the day. We went over to Cory’s mom’s for a lunch cookout. It was happy times. Cory’s wound discussions were fun.

And somehow, we’re now up to today. Cory went into work for an hour or so and I had my weekly OB appointment. The nurse always asks how I’m feeling when she comes to get me and my usual response is “Pretty Good!” Not the case this time. I was just very tired. We went through the usual routine, urine sample, blood pressure, weight. But when she took my blood pressure, she didn’t even tell me what my numbers were and that was a first (for the record, my number are generally on the low end). She asked me if I had been feeling okay because my BP was high, and I told her some nausea and I also told her a brief overview of the previous week. Kewl.

My doctor was pretty concerned about my blood pressure and since it was the week of my Group B Strep test, she also checked my cervix just to make sure nothing was going on down there. Of course I was already dilated about 2cm. She basically told me I needed to be resting and not doing anything. She asked if I worked outside the home, to which I responded ‘no’, and she said good, because even sitting in a chair really isn’t the same as laying in bed or on the couch. It didn’t really occur to me to mention that I actually work full time from home. At least my laptop is portable. After she checked me, she sent me back to have a blood culture to make sure there was nothing systemic causing me to dilate so soon. I go back on Thursday to be checked again.

Before I went to the doctor, my originally intention was to go to Home Depot and get a good coat rack for our winter coats that have no home and rent a carpet cleaner, then pick up Max from the vet. After my appointment, I decided to go get some good veggies and bread from The Fresh Market and have lunch. After lunch I called a carpet cleaning company and scheduled for them to come out next Monday. Then I still had to pick up Max. The good news is that the vet bill was about $300 less than expected. That’s where good news stops. When they brought him out I knew he was going to be anxious, but I clearly underestimated it. I couldn’t get him into or out of the car, he was constantly panting, and by the time we got home, he wasn’t responding to his name or commands. I knew a seizure was coming. He hasn’t had one since the day we brought Colette home. They’re very clearly stress related. It took an hour or so after we got home for it to happen. It lasted 1 minute and 58 seconds. It was awful. It took a few minutes, but he finally came to. He’s now resting on his bed in the kitchen.

And me? I’m thinking things can only get better from here. I’m not even totally sure I’ve processed everything that’s happened.

Colette starts school tomorrow. Our sweet little (almost) threenager. As stressful as everything has been, I’m glad she seemingly hasn’t been affected by it. We’ve had a little more sass than we’re used to, but we’ve also had a lot less sleep. I’m hoping to get back to some sort of normalcy now. (Just in time to have a baby and completely upend said normalcy.)

July Adventures

Nanny Found!

We found a nanny. Much like the previous two, we hired the very first/only person we interviewed. I must be very good at going through candidates and choosing who to interview.

She feels like a mix of our two previous nannies which is great. Colette took to her right away which is even better. Here we are on week two of her employment and she keeps coming back, so that must be a good sign as well 🙂

The one thing that’s different this time is that we’re doing it all legit in the tax department. It’s more expensive and a total hassle, but I think everyone feels a little better knowing it’s all legal. Actually it isn’t toooo much of a hassle since we’re using Square Payroll services, but the initial paperwork, filing for state and federal employer numbers, etc… that’s the hassle.

Weekend in Atlanta

Last weekend, Cory and I had tickets to see one of our favorite bands (Brand New) in Atlanta. So naturally, we spent the weekend at my dad’s.  We had a good time going to the movies (The Secret Life of Pets) and Barnes and Noble, and of course, eating. Colette loved the movie. I loved the movie too, but it was likely the loudest movie I’ve ever been in. It rivaled the concert we went to.

The concert was great too. Unfortunately it was outdoors at an amphitheater and a solid two million degrees outside, but the heat dissipated soon after the sun set. And it gave me plenty of reason to slurp down a frozen lemonade and like 20 waters.

It very well may have been the last time we’ll ever see Brand New live, and that makes me very sad. It’s like the end of an era. The show we saw happened to fall on the lead singer’s birthday and his little family and bandmates all came out to sing happy birthday.  He has a cute little girl who’s probably about 6 months old named Bowie. Lovely and adorable.

Cory isn’t too much of a concert-goer, but I sure am. Not much I like more than a good concert (and sleeping in freshly washed sheets… and laminating things).

Prenatal Check up/ Glucose Test

I had a prenatal check up the Monday after we got back from Atlanta. It was the dreaded glucose test day. Luckily this time I knew in advance, and opted not to eat an entire box of Cap’n Crunch for breakfast. I passed with flying colors this time. No 3-hour test for me.

My pelvic pain cleared up a ton as well. I didn’t even mention it to my doctor. After I wrote the post about how terrible it was, I switched from my big memory foam body pillow, to my Snoogle. The difference was unbelievable. I still have issues when side stepping and some looseness, but it’s no where near as bad.

Of course now that I’ve rid myself of that pain, I feel like I may have pulled something in my lower abdomen making beds yesterday. You win some, you lose some. I pulled out my KT tape that I generally use for running and taped up my belly in hopes of alleviating some of that stress.

HOLD THE PHONE! I’ve failed to mention that some how we are OFFICIALLY in the THIRD trimester now. I don’t even know where the time is going. I’ll be 29 weeks on Friday.

House Things

We also had a couple of showings on our house this past weekend! A lady from Texas came up on Friday to look at several places because she got a job up here. She loved our land and the only she didn’t like about the house was the seriously not Texas-sized closets. Can’t say I blame her there.

Oh! And I should mention that on Thursday, I took Max (our Weimaraner) out on a leash to use the bathroom because we had some painters finishing up our side porch. (Usually he roams free.) Anyhow, it got incredibly windy to the point where I was pretty sure a giant tree was about to come down on the side of the house. And as I was thinking that, about 20 feet behind were I was standing with Max, this happened:

tree down
I’d be lying if I said I didn’t probably pee myself a little. For size reference, where the split starts at the bottom is about 6 feet high.

Cory attacked it the next day by-golly if it isn’t almost completely cleaned up now.

The second showing was for a guy who’s been asking a lot of questions the last couple of weeks. Questions you generally wouldn’t ask about a property until after you’ve seen it or thought seriously about purchasing it. The showing was scheduled at 2 on Saturday so we were out of the house running errands and such when we got a call from our realtor that the guy wanted to meet us. Well, alright then. Cory and I placed our bets on the type of person it would be. Older, big truck like Donnie’s (Cory’s momma’s man). And we were pretty spot on. He even had a pipe fitter sticker on his truck. He’s originally from upstate New York where his family and owned a dairy farm and he’d been living in the Nashville area for roughly the last 20 years. He asked a lot of questions about the well water and pump, the leaching field lines, the updates we’ve done and why we wanted to leave such a great place, and about a lot of the updates we’ve done.

Cory and I are cautiously optimistic that we’ll at least get an offer in the next few days. Whether or not it would be at all acceptable is a whole ‘nother animal.

I think that brings us to today and well, not a whole lot has happened today. Unless you count the grocery store trip I took. My advice is to never go to the grocery store if you’re pregnant hungry. Full disclosure: Pregnant hungry is currently all minutes of the day for me. That would explain the half gallon of ice cream in the freezer and the 5 different types of fruit I got.


Today I decided to take a chance and ask Dr. Google about my pelvic pain. I know I know, risky move as the prognosis could be anything from kittens to death. It turns out that wasn’t the case and I found what I was looking for pretty quickly.

Pelvic Girdle Pain/ Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction. It was like straight up reading a page of my pain diary.

It’s hurts quite a bit to do just about anything today which is what prompted me to ask google. Of course it’s the very day AFTER my OB appointment, so my next isn’t for another 3 weeks and 6 days. I’d like to say that I plan to take it easy over the next few days but the house really needs to be cleaned in the event that someone decides to have a showing while we’re gone this weekend. Fortunately I’ve been able to slowly put things back in their rightful places over the last week, so there’s not too much left to do. It’s also a plus that our nanny asked for the week off so Colette will be at Grama’s all week. An empty house is much easier to clean. If it gets too unbearable by the end of the week I’ll call and set another appointment for the interim period between my regular checkups. But maybe today is a fluke and I’ll feel a little better tomorrow. In the event that’s the case, I’ll just wait it out.

Here are some things copied straight from the bowels of the internet about what I’ve self diagnosed myself with today: (I should also note this is straight from the UK’s WebMD site incase you start wondering why it says trousers vs. pants.)

Being in an unbalanced position can make the pain more noticeable such as when:

  • Standing on one leg (such as when getting dressed)
  • Walking
  • Going upstairs
  • Turning over in bed
  • Moving your legs apart such as when getting out of a car.

The Association for Chartered Physiotherapists in Women’s Health (ACPWH) recommends taking the following actions for coping with PGP:

  • Avoid activities that make pain worse, but be as active as you can within your pain threshold
  • Rest whenever you can
  • Wear supportive, flat shoes
  • Get dressed and undressed in a sitting position – don’t stand on one leg to put on trousers
  • When getting in and out of a car, keep your knees together – you can sit on a plastic bag to help you swivel in the seat
  • Sleep in a comfortable position – a pillow between your legs can make sleeping on your side more comfortable
  • Go up or down the stairs one at a time – go upstairs leading with your less painful leg, but downstairs leading with the most painful one
  • Find a comfortable way to turn over in bed – try keeping your knees together and squeezing your buttocks as you turn over.

If you have PGP, you should avoid the following:

  • Bending or twisting to lift
  • Standing on one leg
  • Sitting or standing for long periods
  • Crossing your legs
  • Squatting
  • Sitting on the floor or in a twisted position
  • Lifting or pushing heavy objects
  • Vacuuming
  • Carrying a baby on one hip
  • Carrying loads in only one hand.

24 Week OB Appointment

Just got home from my 24 week OB appointment and it was, not so surprisingly, normal. Arrive 9am, call me back at 9:10 to take all our money, back out in the lobby at 9:20, called back again a couple minutes later for the usual urine sample, BP and weight check. The nurse then tucked me into a room where my doctor came in almost immediately, listens to Rosalie’s heartbeat, says everything is going perfectly, and I’m out the door and back in my car by 9:30.

Most of my appointments have gone this way this time around. Maybe they put a note in my chart from that appointment I had with Colette where they neglected to check me in at all, then my doctor left and I was just sitting there forever (probably 2 hours or so). I was very angry when I left that day.

Or maybe 9:15 on a Monday is just the time to have an appointment. I’ve noticed the first appointment they take is at 8:30, but I generally don’t see my doctor stroll in until 9ish. So by the time they take me back and get my money and tests, she’s had time to see the first patient, then when I’m done, she’s already ready for me already.

But like I mentioned in that first paragraph, everything went as well as it could. Blood pressure 110/60, weight gain is roughly 8 pounds (though it feels like a solid 20), and Rosalie’s heartbeat is running in the 140s-150s. This visit gets an A+.

The next visit, however, is the dreaded glucose text. Only the initial one hour test. This time I’ll try to remember not to have an entire box of Cap’n Crunch beforehand. I’m certain that’s the reason I every so slightly failed the 1 hour last time.

On another note, if you’re planning popping out a kid and you have the option to switch up your insurance plan from a high-deductible plan to something else, you should totally do that. Whew. Or, I suppose if you plan on breaking your foot or having exercise induced asthma, you should do it then as well. It’s been an expensive medical year for us and I’m sad to say we didn’t forego the high-deductible plan durning open enrollment last year. Ahh, the benefits of hindsight.

23 Weeks Complete

I somehow find myself at 23 weeks along in my pregnancy today. I have no idea how I got here or where those 23 weeks went. Pretty much everything about this pregnancy is different from the first.

My pregnancy with Colette was a breeze, nothing really hurt, I was able to move around nearly all the way through, morning sickness wasn’t a thing, I did loose my appetite for the most part, but was still able to enjoy food, and it was overall just a great experience (You know… except the 51 hour laboring/birth part).

This go ’round I was nauseated from 5 or 6 weeks onward and upward until nearly week 16 or 17. I still get bouts of it from time to time but it’s much less severe. Luckily I didn’t have to ride any vomit comets, but sometimes I wondered if maybe I’d feel better if I did. Puke and rally. Never got the chance to find out though. I was wearing seabands, an oil diffusing necklace full of peppermint, peppermint chapstick, eating sour tangerine preggie pop drops, and just generally trying to survive being near food for most of the first weeks.

I hurt. I feel like everything hurts this time. While it took a long time for joints and ligament to loosen with with Colette, this time it felt pretty immediate. My hips and pelvis felt like they were ready to go through the whole birthing process by week 6. Sleeping, standing, sitting, walking (waddling), these are the things that hurt. I’m trying not to waddle yet, but most of the time I can’t help it. I also attribute some of the pain to Rosalie’s position. It feels like she’s hanging out at the bottom readily awaiting escape.

Weight gain. I definitely have an appetite now. But wait, if I eat too much it makes me feel ill. And if I don’t eat before I actually get hungry, I also feel ill. So finding balance is a daily struggle. I had gained roughly 6 pounds at my last check up in May around week 20. I have another appoint Monday morning where I suspect they’ll tell me I ate too much while on vacation and I should probably watch my food intake. I looked back at my 23 week pictures with Colette and you can tell I’m a little further down the weight gain rabbit hole this time. I did, however, try on my belly cast from last time (~38ish weeks) and was pleased to find out that I’ve got plenty of growing left to do and that I’m not already where I thought I was at 40 weeks last time. I’m also completely horrified for those same reasons. It’s gonna be a long hot summer, tater. Times like these make me think remodeling a defunct kitchen over getting a swimming pool was a terrible mistake. I could be spending less time making myself a dozen mini pineapple upside down cakes and more time submerged in a pool enjoying the cool weightlessness. (Just kidding. Sure it’d be lovely, but man, that’s a nice kitchen we have now.)

Time for reflection. I loved the weekly chalkboard update pictures I took and blogs I wrote with Colette. That’s definitely missing this time. I started a mini book when I first got that positive test, and that’s where it ended. I have one entry from 5 weeks. If I just skipped from 5 weeks to 23 weeks, it would probably be a pretty boring book. I can maybe go back though and fill in some of the blanks but it just won’t be as detailed as it was before. My motivation to do things is somewhere at the bottom of a barrel with my energy. Sorry Rosalie! It’s likely she won’t care, at least not for the next 25-30 years, but part of me feels like we’ve neglected her a bit. (There’s a bigger part of me that says “We’re all alive, have clean laundry, and have been fed, so Rosalie will likely come into the world A-OK.)

As I sit and type, little Anna Rosalie is bouncing away on the trampoline that is my bladder and Colette is having a nice nap after a busy morning of splash pad play time and a picnic lunch. My woes are few this very instant but at any moment I’m likely to realize that in 17 weeks Cory and I will have a toddler and a newborn and no idea what we’re doing. Sounds fun.