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24 Week OB Appointment

Just got home from my 24 week OB appointment and it was, not so surprisingly, normal. Arrive 9am, call me back at 9:10 to take all our money, back out in the lobby at 9:20, called back again a couple minutes later for the usual urine sample, BP and weight check. The nurse then tucked me into a room where my doctor came in almost immediately, listens to Rosalie’s heartbeat, says everything is going perfectly, and I’m out the door and back in my car by 9:30.

Most of my appointments have gone this way this time around. Maybe they put a note in my chart from that appointment I had with Colette where they neglected to check me in at all, then my doctor left and I was just sitting there forever (probably 2 hours or so). I was very angry when I left that day.

Or maybe 9:15 on a Monday is just the time to have an appointment. I’ve noticed the first appointment they take is at 8:30, but I generally don’t see my doctor stroll in until 9ish. So by the time they take me back and get my money and tests, she’s had time to see the first patient, then when I’m done, she’s already ready for me already.

But like I mentioned in that first paragraph, everything went as well as it could. Blood pressure 110/60, weight gain is roughly 8 pounds (though it feels like a solid 20), and Rosalie’s heartbeat is running in the 140s-150s. This visit gets an A+.

The next visit, however, is the dreaded glucose text. Only the initial one hour test. This time I’ll try to remember not to have an entire box of Cap’n Crunch beforehand. I’m certain that’s the reason I every so slightly failed the 1 hour last time.

On another note, if you’re planning popping out a kid and you have the option to switch up your insurance plan from a high-deductible plan to something else, you should totally do that. Whew. Or, I suppose if you plan on breaking your foot or having exercise induced asthma, you should do it then as well. It’s been an expensive medical year for us and I’m sad to say we didn’t forego the high-deductible plan durning open enrollment last year. Ahh, the benefits of hindsight.