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You’re A Good Mommy

What a sweet sassy little girl we have in Colette. I feel our time with her, and just her, slipping away much more quickly than I would like. I was browsing Pinterest last night and happened across someones pin that broke down which week of pregnancy belongs in which month. I am currently in the middle of month six. MONTH SIX?! Part of me thinks that’s a joke. I have all summer right? Summers are long, hot and slow. Another part of me hits that panic button.

I will be so sad and so happy to see Colette become a big sister. Sad because the selfish part of me wants to keep her an only child forever. She’s so sweet and her little personality just blossoms exponentially everyday. I’m having a hard time coping with the idea that my attention will be very heavily divide when Rosalie arrives. On the other hand, after what I assume will be a not so graceful transition period into a family of four, we’ll find a rhythm that works for us and be able to give attention when and were it’s needed.

For now, I really just want to bask in the rays of sunshine and joy that being a parent to only one child has to offer. I want to remember everything about Colette from this period of time. The pitter patter of her little feet running from her room to our in the morning to get us out of bed. Her happy dances. The way she sings in bed when she wakes up. Her insistence for just “2 minutes” more of play time before bed. The way she wraps her arms around me so tightly, grits her teeth, and says, “You’re a good mommy.” I’m not sure I’ll get too much of that when Rosalie gets here. At least not for a while.

I’m currently reading Waiting for Birdy, by Catherine Newman. It’s a book written from Catherine’s perspective about going from parents of one to parents of two. It seemed pretty relevant to my situation, so I thought, why not. I’m not quite to the parts I want to read about, like “How does one deal with all these feelings,” but I’m hoping it’s in there somewhere.

Our nanny generally works 3 days a week out of our house, where I work my full time job. So on those three days, I’m with little Coco all day in some capacity. This week, since the nanny is on vacation, Colette is hanging out with Grama every day this week. When Grama watches her we generally eat dinner there as well, so when all was said and done tonight, Colette decided she didn’t want to have anything to do with going home with us. I think Cory and I both left with our feelings a little hurt, but realistically, it’s was 30 minutes from bedtime, Cory needed to mow the yard, and I needed to sit and not move (“rest my pelvis”) for a while. And she’s only 3 miles away. Cory and I have a much harder time letting her stay overnight than Colette does. I’m sure she’d stay 5 out of 7 nights a week if we’d allow it.

So tonight I’ll miss checking on her in the monitor, miss her little foot steps in the morning, and miss her running around the house while I run sales reports tomorrow. But I know that her gaining some of that independence from us is better for her in the long run.

Okay, I’ll just go cry in bed now. *Waaah*

24 Week OB Appointment

Just got home from my 24 week OB appointment and it was, not so surprisingly, normal. Arrive 9am, call me back at 9:10 to take all our money, back out in the lobby at 9:20, called back again a couple minutes later for the usual urine sample, BP and weight check. The nurse then tucked me into a room where my doctor came in almost immediately, listens to Rosalie’s heartbeat, says everything is going perfectly, and I’m out the door and back in my car by 9:30.

Most of my appointments have gone this way this time around. Maybe they put a note in my chart from that appointment I had with Colette where they neglected to check me in at all, then my doctor left and I was just sitting there forever (probably 2 hours or so). I was very angry when I left that day.

Or maybe 9:15 on a Monday is just the time to have an appointment. I’ve noticed the first appointment they take is at 8:30, but I generally don’t see my doctor stroll in until 9ish. So by the time they take me back and get my money and tests, she’s had time to see the first patient, then when I’m done, she’s already ready for me already.

But like I mentioned in that first paragraph, everything went as well as it could. Blood pressure 110/60, weight gain is roughly 8 pounds (though it feels like a solid 20), and Rosalie’s heartbeat is running in the 140s-150s. This visit gets an A+.

The next visit, however, is the dreaded glucose text. Only the initial one hour test. This time I’ll try to remember not to have an entire box of Cap’n Crunch beforehand. I’m certain that’s the reason I every so slightly failed the 1 hour last time.

On another note, if you’re planning popping out a kid and you have the option to switch up your insurance plan from a high-deductible plan to something else, you should totally do that. Whew. Or, I suppose if you plan on breaking your foot or having exercise induced asthma, you should do it then as well. It’s been an expensive medical year for us and I’m sad to say we didn’t forego the high-deductible plan durning open enrollment last year. Ahh, the benefits of hindsight.

Family Beach Trip

I’m so thankful we took our annual beach trip early this year. We typically go at the end of August or Early September, but I can only imagine the amount of swelling and misery I would be in at roughly 8 months pregnant. I think my feet are swelling just thinking about it.

The house we stayed in was lovely. Steps from the beach with plenty of space for everyone and a little pool. Probably one of the nicest I’ve stayed in. In total there were 8 adults and 7 kids, including a little bitty tiny baby Grady at a mere 2 months old.

In the days leading up to the trip I was in a frenzy because the forecast was awful. Tropical Storm Bonnie was set to arrive at the same time we were. Blah. By a stroke of good fortune Bonnie decided to not hover over Garden City for any real amount of time. We had a couple of days were it rained a little off and on, but we were able to spend quality time every day on the beach and in the pool.

Colette had a blast. She had kids to play with. A pool. And an ocean. I think all she really needed was the ocean, though. If we were on the beach, she was in the water. She started out a little timid, but by the end of day 2 she was running around and jumping waves all by herself.

By the end of the trip she was also jumping off the side of the pool and swimming around on her own (in her puddle jumper, of course). A little fish, that kid.

The only negative I have to say about the trip is that it was too short. That’s generally the case with the family beach trips, though. Maybe we shoot for 2 weeks next year.

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23 Weeks Complete

I somehow find myself at 23 weeks along in my pregnancy today. I have no idea how I got here or where those 23 weeks went. Pretty much everything about this pregnancy is different from the first.

My pregnancy with Colette was a breeze, nothing really hurt, I was able to move around nearly all the way through, morning sickness wasn’t a thing, I did loose my appetite for the most part, but was still able to enjoy food, and it was overall just a great experience (You know… except the 51 hour laboring/birth part).

This go ’round I was nauseated from 5 or 6 weeks onward and upward until nearly week 16 or 17. I still get bouts of it from time to time but it’s much less severe. Luckily I didn’t have to ride any vomit comets, but sometimes I wondered if maybe I’d feel better if I did. Puke and rally. Never got the chance to find out though. I was wearing seabands, an oil diffusing necklace full of peppermint, peppermint chapstick, eating sour tangerine preggie pop drops, and just generally trying to survive being near food for most of the first weeks.

I hurt. I feel like everything hurts this time. While it took a long time for joints and ligament to loosen with with Colette, this time it felt pretty immediate. My hips and pelvis felt like they were ready to go through the whole birthing process by week 6. Sleeping, standing, sitting, walking (waddling), these are the things that hurt. I’m trying not to waddle yet, but most of the time I can’t help it. I also attribute some of the pain to Rosalie’s position. It feels like she’s hanging out at the bottom readily awaiting escape.

Weight gain. I definitely have an appetite now. But wait, if I eat too much it makes me feel ill. And if I don’t eat before I actually get hungry, I also feel ill. So finding balance is a daily struggle. I had gained roughly 6 pounds at my last check up in May around week 20. I have another appoint Monday morning where I suspect they’ll tell me I ate too much while on vacation and I should probably watch my food intake. I looked back at my 23 week pictures with Colette and you can tell I’m a little further down the weight gain rabbit hole this time. I did, however, try on my belly cast from last time (~38ish weeks) and was pleased to find out that I’ve got plenty of growing left to do and that I’m not already where I thought I was at 40 weeks last time. I’m also completely horrified for those same reasons. It’s gonna be a long hot summer, tater. Times like these make me think remodeling a defunct kitchen over getting a swimming pool was a terrible mistake. I could be spending less time making myself a dozen mini pineapple upside down cakes and more time submerged in a pool enjoying the cool weightlessness. (Just kidding. Sure it’d be lovely, but man, that’s a nice kitchen we have now.)

Time for reflection. I loved the weekly chalkboard update pictures I took and blogs I wrote with Colette. That’s definitely missing this time. I started a mini book when I first got that positive test, and that’s where it ended. I have one entry from 5 weeks. If I just skipped from 5 weeks to 23 weeks, it would probably be a pretty boring book. I can maybe go back though and fill in some of the blanks but it just won’t be as detailed as it was before. My motivation to do things is somewhere at the bottom of a barrel with my energy. Sorry Rosalie! It’s likely she won’t care, at least not for the next 25-30 years, but part of me feels like we’ve neglected her a bit. (There’s a bigger part of me that says “We’re all alive, have clean laundry, and have been fed, so Rosalie will likely come into the world A-OK.)

As I sit and type, little Anna Rosalie is bouncing away on the trampoline that is my bladder and Colette is having a nice nap after a busy morning of splash pad play time and a picnic lunch. My woes are few this very instant but at any moment I’m likely to realize that in 17 weeks Cory and I will have a toddler and a newborn and no idea what we’re doing. Sounds fun.

New beginnings, again

Welcome to Cory and Katie 2.0. It didn’t seem appropriate to continue with now that Colette and her soon to be little sister Rosalie are really the focus of most of my writings. So now, here we are, with Hand Taylored.

I thought the name was pretty crafty, but now I have to deal with my word editor constantly mocking me with a red dotted line telling me “Hey Katie, that’s not spelled correctly,” to which I respond, “I do what I wants.”

As with all of my previous blogs (dating back to my good ole expage, last updated May 16, 2004) When I fall off the updating bandwagon, or something new and big happens (babies) I tend to start a new blog and tell myself, “I can do it. I can start all over with this blog and really keep up with it.” I was pretty successful with coryandkatie, 95 posts, 730 followers. But now on to bigger and better things.

I’ve already split this blog into several different categories; Crafting, House and Home,  Disney, Toddlerhood, Toddler and Baby, and general Family. The idea is to just be one big blog, but if you’re only interested in a particular category, you can get to it quickly and filter out all the other (beautiful and totally meaningful) crap.

Hopefully by the time anyone reads this first post, I’ll already have some content ready to go.