4 Month Update

The plague hath hit. Colette started with a cough a couple of weeks ago. Nothing huge. Just a little cough. Over the following week the cough got a little worse. Just a little.

Last weekend we went to Pigeon Forge with family. Pizza, Brats, and Spaghetti Ice Cream were had. Then bright and early Sunday, poor little Coco woke up with a fever. Anything more than a cold has been pretty unusual for her thus far. So we set out for home that morning and planned a nice evening of laying on the couch and watching TV. Monday come and she wasn’t feeling any better so we called and made an appointment with our doctor.

I took Rosalie over to Grama’s while Colette stayed in the car and came back home with me to rest until her appointment. And then it happened… Our first toddler vomit. It happened at the moment we needed to leave too. Terrible. I think we both handled it pretty well though. Didn’t get it on the floor or couch and Colette was only a little confused and just wanted to know what she swallowed.

The doc had fun things to say. We had to go have chest xrays to check for pneumonia and she sent us home with some steroids to help with her breathing. The xray was negative for pneumonia but did show signs of a viral bronchial infection.

The next morning, like magic, (horrible, dark, useless, magic) Rosalie woke up with a cough. Fast forward to Friday and everyone in the house is coughing and we have to take both girls back to the doctor. Luckily Rosalie didn’t seem to feel bad, and Colette was in good spirits. This time the doc said she could hear some pneumonia in Colette this time. She sent us home with more steroids for Colette and amoxicillin for both.

My cough sounds like I might die, but I actually don’t feel bad. Cory feels terrible on the other hand.

Rosalie and Colette are still coughing, but hopefully we’re on the tail end of this thing.

In other news Rosalie is 4 months old now! A chunky, nearly 18 pounds, rolling, toe grabbing 4 month old. Eats well, sleeps well, and really can’t complain about much. She is, however, pretty accustomed to me putting her to bed though.

She’s also let it be known that you will not touch her nose (to be wiped, suctioned…) and she will not take her antibiotics without a fight. She’s very adamant about those things.

Cory and I have planned our first trip away from the kids for April. I’m very excited and sad already. A short little jaunt to Seaside for 3 nights.

I feel like we have a lot of things coming up. Colette starts soccer in March, Cory has a Spartan race, the Chick Chase is in a couple of months, vacations…etc.

Not much else is happening, just day to day life and trying to survive. I finally got all the Christmas decorations down at the end of January. Except the tree. It’s still up because I have no idea what to do with it. Maybe this weekend we’ll take a shot at taking all 12ft down. Maybe we’ll leave it up forever.

In an attempt to better my health, and try to stay aligned with my year of running goals (6 timed races, 500 miles.. 20 down.. 480 to go), I joined a gym. ::gasp:: I’ve been going 2-3 times a week until this week, because, you know, breathing is important. But I’ve been swimming, treadmill running, and some strength training regularly. As of 5 days ago, I also started a 30 day workout challenge, and as of yesterday a 4 week meal plan. I must be crazy. The only way out is through, I guess!



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