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The Scheduled Induction

Day 297 of pregnancy and no sign of going into labor. (Currently 41 weeks + 4 days) I’m still dilated the same amount (2cm) I was at the beginning of September when my blood pressure went haywire. Rosalie just has no desire to leave the womb. Unfortunately for us both my OB wanted us to schedule an induction. When we were in the exam room she made it sound like we would still be waiting until the weekend when I was officially 42 weeks. When we got into the scheduling room with the slightly not so cheerful scheduler, I was given the option of basically going in last night or at 2am Wednesday morning. I’m still a little baffled how we went from weekend to ‘in the next 2 days.’

And here we are on the eve of an induction and I can feel the stress coursing through me. I know they tell you that you have to be understanding that things don’t always go as planned especially with a birth, but I’m feeling just a little out of my element. I was for sure the biggest complication going into this one would be pain management as I would be attempting the whole natural thing for the second time. Now my biggest concern is, well, everything. Considering the last birth took so long, and this one clearly isn’t in a hurry, I worry that even with the meds (that I so wanted to avoid) won’t work at the speed I’m told they should and I’ll get stressed out and the baby will get stressed out and then at the end I’ll end up with a cesarean. I also worry because I have no idea what to expect. The information we were given as we were walking out the door of our 5 minute appointment was “so you’ll check in downstairs and they’ll bring you up and start you on pitocin.” It wasn’t a discussion, it was an instruction.

After we left the office, I spent a lot of time looking into induction processes. Different types of medication, their pros, their complications, different birth stories in similar situations. Everything. The last thing I want to be when I go into the hospital in a few short hours is uneducated or misinformed. I’m generally a planner. I make spreadsheets to go to Disney World. But my ‘birth plan’ is (or was…) a far cry from that. (As little intervention and exams as possible, delayed cord clamping and eye ointment.. boom, birth plan.)

And yes, I know people have c-sections and inductions all the time every day and that’s great for them. I have utmost respect for anyone’s decision to do the birthing thing however they want. It just isn’t something I wanted for myself.

So, amidst the stress, my goal for the day is to try and get my mind off of it. I’m going to take Colette to see Storks (appropriate, right?) in a little bit then grab some lunch. After that will be a good time to take a nap and get ducks in a row, then make dinner. It’s eggplant parm. It’s my last attempt at getting the ball rolling without intervention. After all,  2 trips to the hospital, a hayride, so much walking, the anniversary of Cory and I getting engaged, and a full super moon couldn’t bring it on…. maybe the eggplant will.

**Side note since I wrote most of this before we left for the morning… Storks was cute and Colette enjoyed it. (Her exact words when I asked if she liked it were, “Yeah! It was different!” So I think that means she liked it…) Lunch was the usual Chickfila, and now Coco is resting peacefully and I will likely try to do the same for a minute.

And here’s some pictures of Colette as an only child over the last few weeks.

dsc_3412 dsc_3421 dsc_3488 dsc_3502 dsc_3532 dsc_3535 dsc_3566 dsc_3585

Another day. Another Hospital.

My guesses for when I would go into labor were/are October 4 or October 9. So yesterday I was certain if anyone was going to the hospital, it was going to be me.

I was wrong.

We finished dinner. (Tacos, on what was, coincidentally, National Taco Day). Cory cleaned up the kitchen and mowed the yard while Colette and I blew bubbles on the front porch. Then Cory and Colette set off to the park at the school down the street from us. I stayed home and thought I’d take a quick shower before they got back. I no sooner stepped into the shower and put my head under the water, then heard Cory come back in and call my name.

He carried a tearful and bloodied Colette into the bathroom. The playground isn’t the newest, non-rusty, and most safe network of equipment known to man. There’s little lips of pulled out metal in places and sharp edges galore. Colette fell back and hit her head on one of those edges.

So we loaded up and made our inaugural trip to Children’s. Colette was still a little tearful when we got in the car, but we turned on some princess music and I sat in the back with her and we just talked to her to distract her.

Her mood was much more light when we got to the emergency department. Lots of pretty paintings and Disney characters to look at. We were taken back pretty quickly and she did need 3 little stitches (or band-aid strings, as the nurses called them).

She did so well. No more tears once we got there and sat so still when they were putting the stitches in.

She was especially excited when everything was said and done and she got a delicious grape popsicle. 14537007_10104226612112335_1525111953_o


We’re really exercising our insurance policy these days. If that wasn’t enough to send me into labor, I think it might never happen.

Pretty much everyone I know that was due this week (3 of them, all second babies, all the same gender as their older sibling) has already had their little ones. It’s my turn, right? Right?!?!