New beginnings, again

Welcome to Cory and Katie 2.0. It didn’t seem appropriate to continue with now that Colette and her soon to be little sister Rosalie are really the focus of most of my writings. So now, here we are, with Hand Taylored.

I thought the name was pretty crafty, but now I have to deal with my word editor constantly mocking me with a red dotted line telling me “Hey Katie, that’s not spelled correctly,” to which I respond, “I do what I wants.”

As with all of my previous blogs (dating back to my good ole expage, last updated May 16, 2004) When I fall off the updating bandwagon, or something new and big happens (babies) I tend to start a new blog and tell myself, “I can do it. I can start all over with this blog and really keep up with it.” I was pretty successful with coryandkatie, 95 posts, 730 followers. But now on to bigger and better things.

I’ve already split this blog into several different categories; Crafting, House and Home,  Disney, Toddlerhood, Toddler and Baby, and general Family. The idea is to just be one big blog, but if you’re only interested in a particular category, you can get to it quickly and filter out all the other (beautiful and totally meaningful) crap.

Hopefully by the time anyone reads this first post, I’ll already have some content ready to go.

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